Jude C. Nelson

Research Scientist at Stacks Open Internet Foundation.
Distributed Systems PhD, Princeton '18 (thesis, CV).


An academic computer scientist who escaped the lab.

Professional Goals:

  • Make users own their identites and data online.
  • Make surveillance capitalism unprofitable.
  • Make data silos a liability.


  • PhD from Princeton in May 2018
  • MA from Princeton in October 2012
  • BS from University of Arizona in May 2010


Selected Publications

A few papers I helped write:

A few patents I helped write:

Open Source

Some repositories I work on:

  • Stacks 2.0: The reference implementation of the Stacks Blockchain
  • SIPs: I am the Chair of the Technical Steering Committee of the Stacks Improvement Proposal process
  • Gaia: A high-performance decentralized storage system used by Blockstack dapps.

Some personal projects:

  • vdev: A device maanger for UNIX-like systems.
  • runfs: A self-cleaning RAM filesystem.
  • Syndicate: A scalable software-defined storage system for wide-area networks.

Social media